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General information


AppUpIn5 is a tool-app for OSBP applications. It creates all models necessary for an OSBP app to be able:

  • to import a CSV-file into a database
  • to generate a complete application to process that data
  • to export any modified data back into a CSV-file.

This is the introduction to this app.

OSBP applications

The OSBP application My1App should already have been generated before starting this app. You can find the instructions here.


At least one CSV-file needs to have been prepared in advance for model expansion and data import. We use Articles.csv as the example. Please remember where you've saved your CSV-file, as it will be used to create the models and import the data.

Here is an example of a vlaid CSV-file:

EAN;Artikelnummer;Bezeichnung_1;Bezeichnung_2;Mengeneinheit VK;Preiseinheit;Verkaufspreis;Einkaufspreis;Lieferant;LieferantenArtNr;Sortimentsbereich;Warengruppe;Grundpreis ME;Grundpreis Inhalt;Markencode;Gewichtsartikel;PLU
2328310000007;100000;Allgäuer Wildkräuterkäse;;KILO;1;2,89;1,65;70000;104556;SBV-KÄSE;114;GRAMM;100;BAA;True;
4260178730017;100001;Smoothie Kreuzbeere; ;FLASCHE;1;1,49;0,85;70000;112048;SB FRISCHE;90;MILLILITER;240;PVT;False;
4260178730024;100002;Smoothie Mango-Maracuja; ;FLASCHE;1;1,49;0,85;70000;112059;SB FRISCHE;90;MILLILITER;240;PVT;False;
4260178730031;100003;Smoothie Erdbeer-Banane; ;FLASCHE;1;1,49;0,85;70000;112061;SB FRISCHE;90;MILLILITER;240;PVT;False;
4260178730048;100004;Smoothie Treibstoff; ;FLASCHE;1;1,49;0,85;70000;112072;SB FRISCHE;90;MILLILITER;240;PVT;False;
4260178730055;100005;Smoothie Kraftpaket; ;FLASCHE;1;1,49;0,85;70000;112083;SB FRISCHE;90;MILLILITER;240;PVT;False;
4260178730093;100006;Smoothie Liebesgruß; ;FLASCHE;1;1,49;0,85;70000;112487;SB FRISCHE;90;MILLILITER;240;PVT;False;
4260178730376;100007;Smoothie Zimtbeerchen; ;FLASCHE;1;1,49;0,85;70000;113488;SB FRISCHE;90;ML;145;PVT;False;
2323450000009;100008;Le Brie mit Walnüssen;nur für denns;KILO;1;2,75;1,57;70000;115896;SBV-KÄSE;114;GRAMM;100;ÖMA;True;
2000001210727;100009;Bastiaansen Koriander;;KILO;1;2,59;1,48;70000;121072;BT-KÄSEFEI;150;GRAMM;100;BAS;True;
2000001214213;100010;Aurora Gold Winterkäse;;KILO;1;2,49;1,42;70000;121421;BT-KÄSEFEI;150;GRAMM;100;AUR;True;
2129140000003;100012;Käse mit Koriander;;KILO;1;2,59;1,48;70000;141063;BT-KÄSEFEI;150;GRAMM;100;SÖB;True;
4260189683159;100013;Kichererbsen-Kokos-Suppe;;BECHER;1;1,69;0,97;70000;174611;SB FRISCHE;135;MIL. LITER;400;RBF;False;
4260189680110;100014;Karotten-Ingwer-Suppe;;BECHER;1;1,69;0,97;70000;177816;SB FRISCHE;135;MIL. LITER;400;RBF;False;
4260189680165;100015;Kürbis-Curry-Suppe;;BECHER;1;1,69;0,97;70000;177851;SB FRISCHE;135;MIL. LITER;400;RBF;False;
;100016;Fenchel gelegt;;KILO;1;5,29;3,02;70000;207909;OBSTGEM;211;KILOGRAMM;1;;True;3271
;100017;Kohlrabi weiß;ca. 250-350g;STÜCK;1;0,89;0,51;70000;214029;OBSTGEM;222;STÜCK;1;;False;3385
2002142770009;100018;Sauerkraut natur 500g;;BECHER;1;1,79;1,02;70000;214277;OBSTGEM;222;KILOGRAMM;1;;False;3398
;100019;Paprika orange;;KILO;1;4,25;2,43;70000;217563;OBSTGEM;235;KILOGRAMM;1;;True;3551
;100020;Kiwi lose Sommerkiwi;Kal.39-42=78-84 St;STÜCK;1;0,89;0,51;70000;272136;OBSTGEM;289;STÜCK;1;;False;3901
4019339003725;100021;Thekendisplay dt.Hülsenfrüchte;;DISPLAY;1;3,69;2,11;70000;522911;TROCKEN;443;STÜCK;12;DAT;False;
4021851522998;100022;Bunte Hülsenfrüchte;;PACKUNG;1;3,59;2,05;70000;522999;TROCKEN;443;GRAMM;500;DEE;False;
4012852001551;100024;Lammsbräu Dunkle Weiße;;FLASCHE;1;1,79;1,02;70000;670059;GETR/TABAK;666;LITER;1;NEU;False;
4012852001605;100025;Lammsbräu Schankbier;;FLASCHE;1;1,79;1,02;70000;670083;GETR/TABAK;666;LITER;1;NEU;False;
4004191001019;100026;Roter Rabenhorster;;FLASCHE;1;2,49;1,42;70000;715228;GETR/TABAK;680;LITER;1;RBT;False;
4004191002061;100027;Rabenhorster Granatapfel;;FLASCHE;1;2,49;1,42;70000;715239;GETR/TABAK;680;LITER;1;RBT;False;
2137550000001;100030;Ziegencamembert natur;;KILO;1;2,59;1,48;202104;11000;BT-KÄSEFEI;150;GRAMM;100;KÄL;True;
2195010000008;100031;Ziegencamembert natur;;KILO;1;2,59;1,48;202104;11000;BT-KÄSEFEI;150;GRAMM;100;KÄL;True;
2195970000001;100032;Ziegencamembert Gewürz-;rädle;KILO;1;2,59;1,48;202104;11001;SB FRISCHE;104;GRAMM;100;KÄL;True;
2461380000000;100033;Putenschnitzel;ca.300 g;KILO;1;9,89;5,65;202195;6138;SB FLEISCH;121;GRAMM;100;ALM;True;
2023074031129;100034;Rabenhorst Weizengras;;FLASCHE;1;2,49;1,42;202307;403112;GETR/TABAK;680;LITER;1;RBN;False;
;100035;Nagellack sharp rosé;;FLASCHE;1;3,15;1,80;202515;40194;KOSMETIK;795;MILLILITER;9;BEN;False;
;100036;Nagellack delicious viole;;FLASCHE;1;3,15;1,80;202515;40195;KOSMETIK;795;MILLILITER;9;BEN;False;
;100037;Nagellack spicy chocolate;;FLASCHE;1;3,15;1,80;202515;40196;KOSMETIK;795;MILLILITER;9;BEN;False;
;100038;Nagellack vintage red;;FLASCHE;1;3,15;1,80;202515;40197;KOSMETIK;795;MILLILITER;9;BEN;False;
;100039;Nagellack wild orchid;;FLASCHE;1;3,15;1,80;202515;40198;KOSMETIK;795;MILLILITER;9;BEN;False;
4033977401002;100042;Haarpflegebürste schmal;;STÜCK;1;14,90;8,51;202515;48356;KOSMETIK;764;STÜCK;1;KKA;False;



Before starting the app, you need to perform the following steps from within Eclipse:

  1. Change the Text file encoding to UTF-8 in Preferences -> General -> Workspace. Click on Apply.

    Aui5m Preparation01.png

  2. In Preferences -> OSBP Application Configuration, change the Product Configuration from workspace to the name of the OSBP project which you want to use, in this case org.osbp.my1app.product. Please note that your entry will not be saved. You will need to perform this step every time you reopen Preferences.

    Aui5m Preparation02.png

  3. In Preferences -> OSBP Application Configuration -> PersistenceUnits, copy to the clipboard the PersistenceUnit name associated with your CSV-file, in this case businessdata.

    Aui5m Preparation03.png

    Paste this value into the field Persistence unit to use in entity in Preferences -> OSBP CSV2APP.

    Aui5m Preparation04.png

  4. Configure all DSL model paths which will be modified after running this app. These models can be found in the model directory of the OSBP Project, in this case org.osbp.my1app.model.*/models/:.

    • We shall use the Entity model as the example:

      1. Click on Browse...

        Aui5m Preparation05.png

        The Entity model is the file my1app.entity, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.core/models/.

        Aui5m Preparation06.png

        Aui5m Preparation07.png

      2. Click on the file name and then click on Open.

        The configuration of the Entity model is now complete.

        Aui5m Preparation09.png

    • All other models can be configured in the same way as the Entity model:
      • the DTO model is the file my1app.dto, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.core/models/.
      • the DataInterchange model is the file, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.datainterchange/models/.
      • the Datamart model is the file my1app.datamart, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.datamart/models/.
      • the Table model is the file my1app.table, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.table/models/.
      • the UI model is the file my1app.ui, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.ui/models/.
      • the Dialog model is the file my1app.dialog, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.dialog/models/.
      • the Perspective model is the file my1app.perspective, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.perspective/models/.
      • the Menu model is the file, which can be found in
      • the Action model is the file my1app.action, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.action/models/.
      • the Authorization model is the file my1app.authorization, which can be found in org.osbp.my1app.model.authorization/models/.

    • The configuration of all models is now complete. Click on Apply.

      Aui5m Preparation08.png

  5. Change the delimiter to use as is appropriate for your CSV-file. Click on Apply to confirm. In this example, we change it to ;.

    Aui5m Preparation10.png

  6. Click on OK to close the Preferences window.

  7. Find your CSV-file, click on it and drag it to the Eclipse workspace.

    Aui5m Preparation11.png

    • The CSV-file looks like this in Eclipse:

      Aui5m Preparation12.png

Create DSL models

  1. At the top-right corner of the CSV-file, there is a button Create App. All DSL models based on this CSV-file are automatically generated by clicking on this button.

    Aui5m Create01.png

    • When you click on the Create App button, no status indicator is displayed. If you want to know the progress of the model-creation operation, please check the bottom-right corner of Eclipse, or open the Progress window.

    • Please note that no data are automatically imported, only data models are created in this step.

      C2a 11 ca bw.png

  2. When the workspace has finished being built, you can check the models that were configured in the previous step. They should all have been modified according to the CSV-file.

    • In the entity model, the new entity Articles is generated. The entity name is the name of the CSV-file, and all attributes are defined according to the column names contained in the CSV-file.

      Aui5m Create02.png

    • In the dto model, a new dto, ArticlesDto, is generated based on the new entity.

      Aui5m Create03.png

    • In the ui model, a new ui, Articles, is generated based on the new dto.

      C2a 12 ca ui.png

    • In the action model, two new toolbars, Articles_dialog and Articles_table, are generated. They will be used in the new dialog and table.

      Aui5m Create04.png

    • In the datamart model, a new datamart, Articles, is generated for the new entity.

      Aui5m Create05.png

    • In the table model, a new table, Articles, is generated for the new datamart.

      Aui5m Create06.png

    • In the dialog model, a new dialog, Articles, is generated based on the ui and action models.

      Aui5m Create07.png

    • In the authorization model, a new row is added for the new entity.

      Aui5m Create08.png

    • In the perspective model, a new perspective, Articles, is generated for the new table and new dialog.

      Aui5m Create09.png

    • In the menu model, a new menu, Applications, is generated in which entry Articles is defined for the new perspective.

      Aui5m Create10.png

    • In the datainterchange model, a new datainterchange, Articles, is defined. The path to the CSV-file is saved here, which is very important for the data import. If you move the CSV-file to a different location, please do not forget to change the path here, as well.

      Aui5m Create11.png

Import data

Data can be imported once the OSBP application has started.

  1. Start My1App in Eclipse.(How to start My1App).

  2. Copy this URL into your browser:

  3. Enter the user name and password on the Login screen, e.g., Admin, Admin, choose to remain logged in and then click on Login.

    C2a 14 web.png

  4. Click on the menu list. You can see at the end of the list that a new entry, Applications, has been generated.

    Aui5m Import01.png

  5. Expand this entry and click on Articles.

    Aui5m Import02.png

  6. Near the top-left of the window, click on the first button to import the data.

    Aui5m Import03.png

  7. Wait for a few seconds; you can then see that all data in the CSV-file have been imported.

    C2a 15 web import finish.png

Extensions 1.0

In this section we describe the new functionalities we are currently working on, which will be available up to the next release version.

Although it is possible to read and import data from csv files, the reading process doesn’t yet consider possible existing relations between the data contained in those files. With the next release version, it will be possible to enrich csv files with the metadata information needed, to highlight the presence of relations between the flat data contained in a bundle of different csv files. Thus, giving users the means to set up information over more complex structures.

You can find more information about it here.

Copyright Notice

All rights are reserved by Compex Systemhaus GmbH. In particular, duplications, translations, microfilming, saving and processing in electronic systems are protected by copyright. Use of this manual is only authorized with the permission of Compex Systemhaus GmbH. Infringements of the law shall be punished in accordance with civil and penal laws. We have taken utmost care in putting together texts and images. Nevertheless, the possibility of errors cannot be completely ruled out. The Figures and information in this manual are only given as approximations unless expressly indicated as binding. Amendments to the manual due to amendments to the standard software remain reserved. Please note that the latest amendments to the manual can be accessed through our helpdesk at any time. The contractually agreed regulations of the licensing and maintenance of the standard software shall apply with regard to liability for any errors in the documentation. Guarantees, particularly guarantees of quality or durability can only be assumed for the manual insofar as its quality or durability are expressly stipulated as guaranteed. If you would like to make a suggestion, the Compex Team would be very pleased to hear from you.

(c) 2016-2021 Compex Systemhaus GmbH

License information

The OS.bee Software Factory is distributed under a commercial license.

The product itself is based on the OSBP Software Factory which is an Eclipse project. In addition, the software depends on several other open source projects, and the entire list of licenses used can be found here.