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Using a EnumComboBox with images requires the creation and the storage of PNG-Images.
The images have to be from type PNG and the name has to be combined by the name of the enum class that hosts the combo box, the name of the enum literal and finally the postfix "image", e.g. TicketResolution.OPEN.image.png.
This images have to be stored with the corresponding theme icon subfolder within the bundle org.eclipse.osbp.themes.
Therefore create your own fragment bundle. The fragments name is not relevant, but it important to have the bundle org.eclipse.osbp.themes as host plug-in.
Important is also that you create the corresponding theme icon subfolder and uses the required image file name as mentioned above and described below.




<EnumClassName>.<EnumLiteral>.image.png (e.g. TicketResolution.OPEN.image.png)