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(Installation prequistits)
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[[http://download.osbee.org/downloads/drivers/wacom/Wacom-STU-Driver- Windows Driver Installer Download]]
[[http://download.osbee.org/downloads/drivers/wacom/Wacom-STU-Driver- Windows Driver Installer Download]]
[[http://download.osbee.org/downloads/drivers/wacom/Wacom-STU-SDK-2.8.0.msi Windows SDK Installer Download]]
[[http://download.osbee.org/downloads/drivers/wacom/Wacom-STU-SDK2.8.0.tar.bz2 Lunix SDK Installer Download]]
== Copyright Notice ==
== Copyright Notice ==
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{{Copyright Notice}}

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OS.bee peripherals for JavaPOS

OS.bee integrates the framework JavaPOS [1]. Purpose of this framework is to abstract peripheral units like printers, displays, dispenser from their physical properties and to present an application interface to Java applications. For each unit it is necessary to define its abstract properties and communication protocol. Each vendor of pripheral units for POS systems comes with his own configuration tool. But all of them end up with a xml file describing all peripheral units available to a single OS.bee application server. The name of this configuration file is not important. For the moment it is not possible to mix units of different vendors in a single file as they put their physical hardware information inside the file while using their individal setup program. OS.bee can only use a single xml file at a time. The path must be entered in OS.bee preferences of IDE using Window->Preferences->OSBP Application Configuration. Don't forget to select the right product to be configured.

JavaPOS Preferences.png

Epson Peripheral Units

First download the following zip and unpack it in a suitable directory. [Epson Windows Driver and Setup Download] From the directory EPSON_JavaPOS_ADK_1143 start the executable EPSON_JavaPOS_1.14.3.exe and follow the instructions of the program.

If you follow the default settings of the installer, you end up with a directory structure epson/JavaPOS/SetupPOS. Here you start SetupPOS.bat as Administrator. For every peripheral unit you want to connect to OS.bee you must add an entry according to the requirements noted in the respective vendor's documentation. This program creates a xml file. The name is not important, but must be entered in the preferences in OS.bee under "External Data" (see section above).

Here is a sample xml file for a typical Epson configuration: [Epson Sample Configuration Download]

WACOM Signature pad

OS.bee Software Factory supports the use of signature pads from Wacom.

Installation prequistits

Supported OS: Windows

You have to install the driver for the signature pad on the machine you want to run the OS.bee application.

[Windows Driver Installer Download]

[Windows SDK Installer Download]

[Lunix SDK Installer Download]

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