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Images for EnumCombobox

Using a EnumComboBox with images requires the creation and the storage of PNG-Images.

The images have to be from type PNG and the name has to be combined by the name of the enum class that hosts the combo box, the name of the enum literal and finally the postfix "image", e.g. TicketResolution.OPEN.image.png.

This images have to be stored with the corresponding theme icon subfolder within the bundle org.eclipse.osbp.themes in the git repository org.eclipse.osbp.vaadin.widgetset.



Alternative Path

Alternatively you can create an own fragment bundle with the bundle org.eclipse.osbp.themes as host plug-in. Important is that you also create the corresponding theme icon subfolder and uses the required image file name as mentioned above and described below.


(e.g. org.eclipse.osbp.mythemes/VAADIN/themes/osbp/icon/)

PNG File Name


(e.g. MaritalStatus.MARRIED.image.png)

Creation of an own themes fragment

Using as bundle name org.eclipse.osbp.mythemes and as theme osbp:

  1. Select File menu item.

    Slide 1.png

  2. Go to New -> Other .

    Slide 2.png

  3. Select Plug-in Development.

    Slide 3.2.png

  4. Click on Fragment Projekt.

    Slide 4.2.png

  5. In Project name type: org.eclipse.osbp.mythemes.

    Slide 5.png

  6. Click on Next.

    Slide 6.png

  7. Click on Browse.

    Slide 7.png

  8. Click on Select a Plug-in text box.

    Slide 8.png

  9. Type in

    Slide 9.png

  10. Select org.eclipse.osbp.themes ([...]).

    Slide 10.png

  11. Click on OK.

    Slide 11.png

  12. Click on Finish.

    Slide 12.png

  13. Click on Yes.

    Slide 13.png

  14. Right click on org.eclipse.osbp.mythemes

    Slide 14.png

  15. Go to New -> Folder

    Slide 15.png

  16. Type "VAADIN" in the Folder name text field.

    Slide 16.png

  17. Click on Finish.

    Slide 17.png

  18. Right click on VAADIN.

    Slide 18.png

  19. Go to New -> Folder.

    Slide 19.png

  20. Type in "themes".

    Slide 20.png

  21. Click on Finish.

    Slide 21.png

  22. Right click on themes.

    Slide 22.png

  23. Go to New -> Folder.

    Slide 23.png

  24. Type in "osbp".

    Slide 24.png

  25. Click on Finish.

    Slide 25.png

  26. Right click on osbp.

    Slide 26.png

  27. Go to New -> Folder.

    Slide 27.png

  28. Type in "icon".

    Slide 28.png

  29. Click on Finish.

    Slide 29.png

  30. You should end up with your screen looking similar to this.

    Slide 31.png

  31. Click on the icon folder.

    Slide 33.png

  32. This is what your screen should look like.

    Slide 34.png

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