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==[[Authorization DSL]]==
==[[Authorization DSL]]==
AuthorizationDSL is used to authorize the roles at runtime.
==[[Organization DSL]]==
==[[Organization DSL]]==

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OS.bee DSL Documentation

The OS.bee Software Factory is composed of various domain specific languages (DSLs), which are described in detail on the following pages.

Entity DSL

The Entity DSL is, beside Datatypes, the basic DSL for the Software Factory. It allows you, through the creation of entity model files, to describe the entity relationship models that will be used to create, read, update and delete content on a persistence level, such as with an SQL database.


The DTO DSL handles data transfer objects in order to transfer data between processes. It uses the Entity DSL.

Chart DSL

The Chart DSL provides Vaadin dCharts.

Cube DSL

The Cube DSL provides MDX access to Mondrian OLAP Cubes.

Datamart DSL

A datamart is a condensed and more focused version of a data warehouse that reflects the regulations and process specifications of each business unit within an organization. Each datamart is dedicated to a specific business function or region.

Dialog DSL

The Dialog DSL generates the Vaadin UI

Report DSL

The Report DSL generates the Vaadin UI and the BIRT report module.

Table DSL

The Table DSL generates the Vaadin table UI.

Topology DSL

The Topology DSL generates D3.js, a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data, to generate the visualization of topology charts. Data used is topojson, an extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology and the corresponding UI components.

Entitymock DSL

The Entitymock DSL generates mock data for entity models automatically upon initialization.

Statemachine DSL

The Statemachine DSL adds behavior to user interfaces. Instances of this DSL interconnect UI instances, FunctionLibrary instances, persistence layers and peripheral devices, and therefore act as controllers in a multiple Model-View-Controller environment. There is no limitation of how many statemachine instances control a single business application.

Authorization DSL

AuthorizationDSL is used to authorize the roles at runtime.

Organization DSL

Perspective DSL

Action DSL

Menu DSL

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OS.bee-Specific DSL Instances

The OS.bee Software Factory provides a few specific DSL instances for different requirements. These are described in detail on the following pages.


Several custom datatypes are described in detail in this chapter.


This datatype allows the use of big data as a blob.

Other OS.bee-Specific Solutions

The OS.bee Software Factory also provides other solutions, which are described in detail on the following pages.


OS.bee Third-Party Software Solutions

OS.bee also uses products of other software vendors (third-party products) that are based on open-source products.

Peripheral Devices